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ST102 - Advance First Aid (AFA)


The AFA training is designed to further enhance knowledge, skills & ability to respond effectively to more complex medical emergencies and life support protocols.  This training goes beyond basic first aid principles while allowing participants to acquire advanced techniques in handle critical condition & situations with immediate care as intended until professional support arrives.



2 Days


  • Provide advanced knowledge, skills, and ability to effectively apply treatment to casualties.

  • Able to respond confidently and efficiently to complex trauma and medical emergencies.

  • Educate to implement proper initial treatment in accordance with the latest medical guidelines.


  • ERT Members

  • Managers

  • Executives

  • Line Supervisors

  • Safety & Health Committee Members

Course Outline

  1. Basic Life Support Refresher - essential life support skills.

  2. Advanced Resuscitation Techniques - methods for reviving individuals in critical situations.

  3. Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - proper use of AEDs for cardiac emergencies.

  4. Assessment Methods - systematic assessment using DCAP, BTLS, and SAMPLE techniques.

  5. First Aid Room & Equipment – maintaining, using first aid room, equipment & O2 supplies.

  6. Triage Concept - prioritizing care in mass casualty situations.

  7. First Aid Mgmt for Injuries - responding to chest, abdominal, pelvic & head injuries.

  8. First Aid for Bites, Stings, and Poisoning - how manage these specific situations effectively.

  9. First Aid Equipment Usage - criteria in using equipment such as AEDs, BVMs, etc.

  10. Behaviour & Medical Emergencies - handling personal behavioural and medical crises.

Our Trainer

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