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ST101 - Basic Occupational First Aid (BOFA)


Referencing OSH guidelines, the session covers the essential knowledge and skills to treat casualties and care for themselves during emergencies until qualified medical help arrives and is essentially hands-on session for life-saving concept resuscitation and trauma care.



2 Days


  1. Able to prioritize, manage, and safely administer single or multiple first aid cases.

  2. Demonstrate proper resuscitation techniques on a manikin.

  3. Control and initiate treatment for common trauma emergencies.

  4. Develop First Aid and safety skills to properly protect oneself and the casualties.


ERT Members and as assigned by the Company.

Course Outline

  1. First Aid definition, objectives & personal characteristics of a First Aider

  2. Introduction to First Aid Kits.

  3. Emergency Action Plan Principles Overview

  4. Primary Survey Assessment – DRABC & C-Spine

  5. Basic Life Support/choking for adult

  6. Anatomy and physiology of the Respiratory and Circulatory system

  7. Applying Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR), CPR & AED

  8. Respiratory Distress and arrest - sign, symptoms and managing

  9. Choking Management

  10. Secondary Survey assessment - Head to Toe

  11. Wound, bleeding, and shock

  12. Dressing and bandages

  13. Burn and scald.

  14. Fractures & Spinal injury.

  15. Dislocation, Sprain, and strain.

  16. Medical Emergency - Seizure, Fainting, Heat Emergency

  17. Emergency evacuation

Our Trainer

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