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ST208 - Damage (ER) Control Team (DCT)


The workshop covers proper fire suppression techniques and damage control skills, emphasizing teamwork, decision-making, and leadership to manage emergencies effectively. It focuses on aligning the Company’s ERP, identifying gaps in comparison with regulated requirements while ensuring business and good reputation sustainability. The sessions allow participants to realize the importance of working together as a team to demonstrate the company's ability to manage emergencies and maintain good relationships with regulators and stakeholders.



2 Days


  • Allow participants to acquire essential knowledge and practical skills related to Fire suppression equipment, applications, and techniques.

  • Focusing on a safe approach to handling fire emergencies and securing affected areas.

  • Prioritizing the safety and well-being of participants throughout the training while ensuring respond with confidence and stay safe at all times.


Assigned DCT and/or as assigned by the Company.

Course Outline

  1. SCBA Practical - understanding SCBA components, dismantle & assemble with high & low pressure test, air consumption calculation criteria, criteria in donning & doffing, tactical movement (in smoke house), risk assessment & criteria for rescue exercise.   

  2. Fire Hose & Fitting Practical - laying & make-up, handling discharged hoses, and understanding the significance of in use of jet stream, coarse spray, and water curtains

  3. Tactical Team Formation Dry Run (Without Fire) - simulating the of control fire spread, isolating leaking valve while provide protection to the other advancing team

  4. Tactical Formation (Wet Run - with Fires) - suppressing Class, A and Class B open fires with water spray and twin agent capabilities (DP & Foam).

  5. Tactical Formation (Wet Run - with Impinging Jet Fires) - suppressing fire spread, isolating valves, while providing protection to the other advancing team

  6. Final exercise - a major scenario involving spill & impinging jet fire suppression and rescue casualty in smoke house.

Our Trainer

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