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ST209 - ERT / CMT (with Desktop)


Ensuring a safe workplace involves more than just having rules - it's about acquiring KSA (knowledge, skills & right attitude) amongst the workforce. In emergencies, the response to emergencies is not good vs. bad but it's preventing the bad from getting worse with a dedicated ER Team, précised directions, and organized evacuation plans, crucial to the intent of saving lives, environment, reputation & property.




2 Days


  • Enable proper responses to emergencies through structured & coordinated approaches.

  • Equip participants with practical techniques to encounter diverse emergency scenarios.

  • Hands-on simulations provide practical understanding & better decision-making.

  • Being prepared with resilient & confident responders during emergencies.

  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork & proper communication.


Assigned ERT Members, S&H Committee Members, Frontliner/Supervisory, and Security assigned by the Company.

Course Outline

Module 1 - Regulatory

  • Fire Services Act 1988 & OSH Act 94

  • Uniform Building by Laws 1984

  • Building Fire Protection - Active & Passive

Module 2 - Role & duties of ERT

  • Introduction & the Objectives

  • Components & Role of ERT

  • Contingency plan

  • Understand the Inherent Hazard and importance of Situational Awareness, Communication Barriers, Decision Making & Teamwork

Module 3 - Fire Theory

  • Fire Tetrahedron & Classes of fire

  • Fire Spread & Suppression Techniques

  • Range of Flammability (Flash Point, Fire Point & Spontaneous Combustion)

  • BLEVE and Dust Explosion

Module 4 - Fire Suppression Equipment

  • Hose Reel / Fire Hose & Fittings

    • Hose handling & care

    • Water Supplies, Standpipes / Hydrant

Miscellaneous Accessories / Equipment

Module 5 - Basic Foot Drill

  • acquiring skills of synchronization & self-discipline (Abang BOMBA style)

Module 6 - PHHFE Hands On

  • Types / Class, size & capacity of PHHFEs & their application on Class A & B fires

  • Care & Maintenance of PHHFEs

Module 7 - Fire Hose & Fittings Hands On

  • Various methods of carrying, laying, connecting & storing of fire hose

  • Command & Signalling Instructions

  • Hydrant Drills (wet) 

Our Trainer

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