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ST106 - Fire Watcher (with Assessment)


The Fire Watcher course lasts about 4 hours and involves various teaching methods such as instructor-led PowerPoint presentations, class exercises, videos, practical use of fire extinguishers, and a written knowledge test. Participants learn through a combination of visual presentations, hands-on exercises, and testing methods to ensure a comprehensive understanding of fire safety procedures.



1 Day


  • Gain knowledge and monitoring skills to oversee daily fire hazards and safety.

  • Understand the Fire Warden's responsibilities during an emergency.

  • Understand fire science, behavior, and response priority.

  • Demonstrate the use of PHHFE and fixed firefighting systems.

  • Ability to manage emergencies and prioritize response.

  • Acquire skills for self-rescue during emergencies.


ERT Members and/or as assigned by the Company.

Course Outline

  1. Fire Science, Fire Tetrahedron & Classes of fire

  2. Fire Spread & Suppression Techniques

  3. Range of Flammability (Flash Point, Fire Point & Spontaneous Combustion)

  4. Fire / Floor Warden – role, responsibilities & actions during emergencies

  5. Building Fixed & Portable Fire Suppression (PHHFE, Hose Reel, Fire blanket) : hands-on

  6. Method of Building evacuation & Self-Rescue Technique.

  7. Validation Test (MCQ)

Our Trainer

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